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Over 300,000 students passed the degree (pass) and certificate course (Old Syllabus) in 2015, fearing to be littered with the Tughlaqi call of the National University. Students claim that the three-year course has finished 5 and a [*fr1] years. Students square measure feeling depressed attributable to the announcement of the results of the admission to the admission method. Students World Health Organization square measure laid low with thinking of attending to the streets if they’re not straight off given the notification of Masters admission. several students confirmed the daily education.

The results of the examination of the 2015 and degree certificate (old syllabus) command underneath National University were printed on Groundhog Day. It took two hundred thousand, ten thousand 287 students. The students passed the degree (pass) of 2015, protesting that we tend to were a student of the 2012-2013 education year. It took USA 5 and a [*fr1] years to end the course of 3 years. currently, the university authorities have determined to pursue our new programme with the academics of the educational session 2013-2014 that is completely unreasonable and unfair. The university authorities don’t have any right to waste the lives of the learners. Students square measure vulnerable with the movement if they’re not straight off given the notification of Masters.

National University Latest Update News

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